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Breast Cancer Treatment with the Pivotal Breast Board

Pivotal Treatment Solution for Prone Breast Care

Offered at our North Phoenix Location
Pivotal Prone Breast Care is providing our patients with a new option for the treatment of breast cancer. Typically, breast cancer patients are treated on their back, in the supine position. With Pivotal Prone Breast Care, we can now treat patients lying face down, in the prone position.
Prone Breast Care Doctor assisting patient in prone position.

A customizable positioning device (we call it a breast board), allows the woman to lie comfortably in the prone position for radiation treatment. The affected breast falls away from the chest wall, allowing for more targeted delivery to affected area.
Prone breast care bench & CT scanner. Studies have shown that treatment in the prone position for breast cancer limits the radiation dose to the heart and lungs during treatment delivery, and may possibly improve the short and long-term effects of radiation on the treated skin. Furthermore, respiratory motion may be reduced in the prone position, helping to improve treatment accuracy.
Pivotal Prone Breast Care is designed for treatments of either the left or right breast, including whole breast, partial breast, and accelerated partial breast treatments. Adjustable CT risers can accommodate varying breast size for CT simulation. The technology also allows radiation delivery to the nodal beds if clinically necessary.

Take a moment to watch this video with Dr. Coral Quiet
as she describes how Pivotal Prone Breast Care works.

Following are the benefits of using the Pivotal Treatment Solution
Patient Positioning:
  • 360-degree access allows for maximum visibility during patient setup, which allows for full utilization of lasers and field lights.
  • Multiple indexing options are available, and knee-positioning guides provide confirmation of patient alignment.
  • All patient positioning features lead to enhanced set-up reproducibility; helping to confirm the patient is in the same position for each treatment.
Patient Comfort:
The following features combine to promote patient comfort, leading to a sustainable treatment position.
  • Patients can more easily get on and off the couch-top because the couch insert has a low profile.
  • A memory foam pad contributes to patient comfort while maintaining accuracy.
  • The inverted wing design adds to patient comfort.
  • A dual handgrip relieves stress on the patient's wrists.
  • Patients with limited arm mobility can use the ipsilateral handgrip.
  • The patient's head can be positioned face down or to the side, using one of two headrest options.
  • Patients can breathe freely, due to the prone headrest design. Lateral light slots promote an open feeling.
Imaging Benefits:
  • Less scatter allows for high-quality, low-dose images.
  • Images are typically clearer because chest wall motion is reduced in the prone position.
  • The couch insert is designed specifically to minimize CT image artifacts.
Convenience Features:
  • The ergonomically designed insert snaps quickly in and out of position for ease of use by our therapists.