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Teach Others
Breast Brachytherapy

Our doctors teach PBI all over the world. If we did not have a passion for actually

treating women with breast cancer

, we could literally be gone most of the year giving lectures and workshops. Institutions in the US and abroad are asking us to "jump start our PBI program."
Dr. Kuske teaching brachytherapy
Illustration: Dr. Kuske (in blue) is performing treatment with doctors observing.
Oncology teams participating in brachytherapy.
Illustration: Nurses, therapists, dosimetrists, and physicists are all participating as well.
To handle this demand, we are asking doctors to come to Arizona with their nurses, therapists, dosimetrists, and physicists. The entire team, one institution at a time, comes for a 2.5 day "crash course" in PBI, during which they will observe 2 or 3 live cases (with the patient's permission!), lectures, and workshops.
You might ask: What if I need traditional whole breast or post-mastectomy chest wall and nodal irradiation? Answer: You are better off with us than a general radiation oncologist who also treats lung, prostate, rectal, and other cancers. There is an advantage to going to a physician totally focused on one disease! Do you go to a general surgeon or breast surgeon? Do you go to a general radiation oncologist or a breast radiation oncologist? With external beam techniques, the volume of lung, heart, and other normal tissues exposed to radiation varies tremendously from one radiation oncologist to the next. Dr. Kuske has published the The Kuske 5-field Technique of Comprehensive chest Wall and Nodal Irradiation that teaches how to wrap dose around the lungs and heart and minimizing collateral damage to internal organs. His educational videotape about this technique has been distributed around the world. Text-book chapters are devoted to it.
Our doctors will continue to lecture at national and international meetings. We have been asked to direct the international breast course in 2010 (www.tbc.com). We plan to bring this course to Scottsdale, Arizona, after previous annual meetings in Nice, France, Quebec City, Canada, and Key Largo, USA. We run the interstitial breast brachytherapy workshop at the annual meeting of the American Brachytherapy Society.
We are writing book chapters and articles for the medical literature. We will post these as they are accepted for publication. Recently, the new textbook in APBI is being printed, and the chapter on interstitial brachytherapy and the history of breast brachytherapy was written by one of our doctors. An upcoming article on SAVI brachytherapy has been submitted and we expect that it will be the "go to" medical information on this new breast brachytherapy device.
Dr. Kuske answers questions about brachytherapy.
Illustration: Dr. Kuske (in blue) is being asked questions by participating physician.
Recently, the American College of Surgeons and the USC Norris Cancer Center convened a "think tank" of the 17 leading minds in breast cancer treatment today. One of our physicians had the great honor of participating, and was on the writing committee. The final document, "State of the Art Diagnosis and Treatment of Image-Detected Breast Cancer," has rapidly been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
As you can see from our track record, there is no better place to receive breast cancer treatment than ABCs. When you see our tag-line: We are writing the book on breast cancer care! - you now know that this is not a slogan, but a passionate commitment on the part of the only breast cancer focused radiation practice in the world.