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RadioSurgery Treatment

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The "c" word is the last word a patient wants to hear from their doctor. A diagnosis of cancer is life-altering and frightening. But many patients have quickly gone from victim to survivor, all thanks to continued research, new treatment options and tenacious doctors.

Dr. Scott Tannehill of Arizona Radiation Oncology Specialists is one of those doctors focusing his efforts on advanced treatments and research protocols. "The word 'cancer' is actually the general name given to some 100-plus diseases from breast cancer to skin cancer," says Dr. Tannehill.

Cancer is when cells in a specific part of the body begin to grow out of control," he explains. "These abnormal cells continue to grow until they invade healthy tissues throughout the body, causing harm and continuing to replicate."

Dr. Tannehill and his partner Dr. Greg Maggass specialize in treating all types of cancer including breast, prostate, gastrointestinal, lung, gynecologic and skin cancer. They also treat tumors of the brain and spine. In 2009, partnering with leading experts throughout Arizona, Tannehill and Maggass launched Arizona Radiation Oncology Specialists with the goal of empowering patients and creating more survivors. "Our goal is to bring cutting-edge treatment options to Arizona, and arm our survivors throughout their journey," says Dr. Maggass.

One of their specialties includes an effective treatment called radiosurgery. It uses sophisticated technology to deliver a very precise and accurate beam of radiation to a tumor while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy tissue. "There are two main types of radiosurgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, which is for cancers in the brain and spinal region, and stereotactic body radiotherapy, which is for cancers in other parts of the body," says Dr. Tannehill. "Both of these treatments are non-invasive, that is, the body isn't operated on in the traditional sense."

In fact, the procedure only takes a few minutes. A machine called a medical linear accelerator delivers the treatment while a patient is lying down. The beam of radiation can be aimed at a tumor from multiple angles and delivered with sub-millimeter accuracy and varying intensity.

TrueBeam, Greg Maggass, Scott Tannehill, Arizona Radiation Oncology Specialists article
TrueBeam Stx

Arizona Radiation Oncology Specialists is the first center in the Southwest to offer Varian Medical System's TrueBeam Stx radiosurgery, which, according to the company, is more advanced than other radiosurgery systems and can deliver the lowest dose of radiation possible to the surrounding healthy tissue, while delivering the maximum dose to the tumor. system. engineered to perform non-invasive, image-guided procedures.

This image-guided procedure is also unique in that imaging is choreographed through highly sophisticated motion management technologymeaning that treatments are delivered quickly, while compensating for tumor motion. As a patient moves, breathes or as tumor positioning can vary, this technology can actually track the movement and ensure treatment is delivered specifically and accurately to the cancerous tissue.

Doctors believe this technology could open the door to new possibilities in cancer care, especially for the treatment of challenging cancers throughout the body, including those in the prostate, lung, head, neck, brain and spine.

Arizona Radiation Oncology, with offices in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Gilbert, also utilizes Calypso Medical Technologies, a 4-D localization system known as the "GPS for the body." For more information about that, radiosurgery or Dr. Tannehill and Dr. Maggass contact: 480.278.8300, or click here for www.CancerAZ.com