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Dr. Coral Quiet Promotes SAVI Sisters

Dr. Coral Quiet
Illustration: Dr. Coral Quiet

I'm proud to be a part of a practice that was among the first developers of partial breast irradiation therapy, and the very first clinical site in the country to use SAVI. Partial breast irradiation offers me and my colleagues the ability to maximize the dose of radiation to the area surrounding the cavity where the tumor was removed, while conserving normal breast tissue. SAVI takes the partial breast irradiation concept one step further, by giving us the ability to tailor and sculpt the radiation dose as needed, avoiding the chest wall, skin, rib cage and other critical structures. Being able to target the radiation dose more effectively makes SAVI a viable option for more of my patients than other types of partial breast irradiation, and also significantly cuts down on treatment time.

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Lots of my patients live in remote areas of Arizona, and would have to travel an hour or two each way to come in for six weeks of traditional radiation treatment. Being a five-day treatment, SAVI makes the whole radiation treatment experience far less time-consuming and taxing for them.

Even though studies increasingly show that SAVI is an effective option for women following lumpectomy, some women still don't have access to SAVI at their local breast cancer facility. As a national platform, SAVI Sisters can help women understand their options and make more informed decisions regarding what kind of radiation treatment best suits their medical needs and lifestyle considerations. The more we empower women with information, the more they can be comfortable with their decision-making process.

We wouldn't be where we are today without women getting together to share knowledge and advocate for better breast cancer treatment and breast conservation options. SAVI Sisters is the next in a series of movements in this direction. By stepping forward and sharing their experiences, SAVI Sisters can serve as a model, a source of information, a source of inspiration, and a source of comfort for newly diagnosed women.