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Dr. Quiet is Featured in Deer Valley Times

Dr. Quiet and Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists in Deer Valley

Dr. Coral Quiet Featured in Deer Valley Times

At a glance, radiation oncologist Dr. Coral Quiet appears to be a pretty, blond, mild-mannered mom.

But, upon closer examination, you might see a superhero cape hidden under her lab coat.

"When I moved to the Valley in 1993, only 20 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer were being treated with breast conservation," Dr. Quiet said. "This means that 80 percent of all breast cancer patients were treated with mastectomy, a sometimes-necessary but disfiguring treatment that can take years to overcome."

So, as most superheroes do, Dr. Quiet leapt into action!

Vocal in her advocacy, Dr. Quiet has been spokesperson and medical advisor for the American Cancer Society and volunteered with the Y-Me Wellness Community and Well Woman Healthcheck Office of Prevention and Health Promotion.

As she advocated, she got even more motivated.

So much so, she co-founded a local nonprofit organization that would ensure all women diagnosed with breast cancer in Arizona could be heard.

"In 1998, I co-founded Arizona Institute for Breast Health (AIBH) with one singular mission to offer women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer a second opinion on their diagnosis and treatment options, completely free of charge," Dr. Quiet said.

AIBH has a 20-member volunteer team of physicians and medical professionals whose specialties include breast radiology, breast surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, reconstructive surgery and breast pathology. This team, with Dr. Quiet at the helm as AIBHs volunteer medical director, evaluates the best medical and surgical options for the preservation of a womans life, body and emotional well-being, as well as the continued quality of her life.

Dr. Quiet is actually a finalist for the 2012 Athena Award for her dedicated work to AIBH as well as her work to bring breast cancer technology to Deer Valley.

You see, first she helped to bring a treatment called brachytherapy to Arizona for early on-set breast cancer patients. This innovative five-day treatment program focuses on breast conservation. Today, her team is overseeing the National Cancer Institute's largest breast cancer radiation trial in medical history, focused on the success of the therapy.

Of course, she didn't stop there. Dr. Quiet also pioneered the SAVI device, which has completed its early studies and has shown great results in treating patients while avoiding high doses of radiation to skin and ribs.

During all of this research, something else dawned on Dr. Quiet her breast cancer patients deserved their own center for care.

The result history.

In 2008, Dr. Quiet along with international breast cancer leader Dr. Robert Kuske founded Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists in DEER VALLEY, the first and only center in the world dedicated to exclusively treating women with breast cancer with radiation. By 2010, amidst the worst recession in nearly 100 years, they expanded to three total centers in Arizona, but this Deer Valley location is still her hub and office. Exact address is: 20950 N. 29th Avenue in Phoenix.

"I will never be quiet when it comes to the war on breast cancer," said Dr. Quiet.

Case in point just this month she has invested in a special technology for her Deer Valley patients.

Dr. Quiet is pleased to announce she has partnered with Varian Medical Systems to offer the Pivotal treatment solution for prone breast cancer care, a critical technology for large-breasted women that allows them to obtain treatment in the prone, or face-down, position.

"With this option, we are literally turning breast cancer treatment upside down," said Dr. Quiet. "Growing evidence shows considerable advantages in treating larger-breasted women in the prone position rather than in supine, meaning on ones back."

According to Dr. Quiet, the advantages include a significant reduction in radiation to the heart and lungs, attainment of good dose homogeneity, minimized respiratory motion and reduced skin toxicity. The Pivotal treatment solution for prone breast care combines the prone technique with an innovative couch-top device. The design enables treatment of both right and left breast, including whole breast, partial breast and accelerated partial breast treatments (APBI), a five-day radiation therapy alternative for women with early stage breast cancer that Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists co-founder Dr. Robert Kuske pioneered.

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