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One thing is worth traveling for...
...Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists

When Meredith's biopsy confirmed breast cancer, the shock was indescribable. The visit to the cancer specialist was dream-like, but three of the doctor's words stuck with her: "This is curable."

With support of family and friends, Meredith regrouped. She led the charge against her cancer as she led her small successful advertising firm in Chicago: from the front. She researched treatment options, interviewed cancer specialists and chose her surgeon and chemotherapy expert with the same critical judgment used in running her company. Ultimately, she was told breast radiation therapy after chemotherapy would take over six weeks.

"I was looking at five months for surgery and chemotherapy," Meredith pointed out. "I was ready to do whatever was needed to be cured. But, I wasn't satisfied with one option. My life was calling, asking when I'd be back!" With a few clicks on the Internet, she found Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Together, Drs. Robert Kuske and Coral Quiet, both nationally recognized Radiation Oncologists specializing in breast cancer, founded Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists in 2009. It is the first and only Radiation Oncology practice devoted exclusively to women with breast cancer.

"We have combined the finest physicians, state-of-the-art technology, and the full range of radiation therapy treatment options for women with all types and stages of breast cancer," explained Dr. Kuske. "Treating breast cancer is all we do." Meredith traveled to Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists and was successfully treated with a one-week radiation therapy technique, invented by Dr. Kuske and which he teaches to visiting physicians from around the world. Meredith was back home, finished with radiation therapy fifteen days after first exploring her radiation options online.